Our charity work for British Pedal Car Grand Prix

Our team at Find Digital have been supporting the British Pedal Car Grand Prix in Ringwood and New Milton for over 5 years and this year was no different. This year, we devoted our time and expertise to make this year the best grand prix yet. Read on to learn how we helped this year’s event.

Crafting the Perfect Website

We love creating cool websites, and for the Grand Prix, we really wanted to make something special. Our team worked together, pouring creativity into every pixel, to build a website that felt like a virtual playground for participants, fans, and volunteers. We wanted it to be super easy to find all the important stuff, like race schedules and updates, so everyone could stay in the loop and get pumped up for the big event!

Spreading the Excitement on Social Media

You know how much fun social media can be, right? Well, we decided to put our skills to good use and spread some serious excitement for the Grand Prix! We shared awesome updates, cool behind-the-scenes peeks, and stories of the participants. We wanted everyone to feel like they were part of something amazing, even if they couldn’t be there in person. It was all about creating that awesome buzz!

Making Team Entries a Breeze

Let’s be real – signing up for events can sometimes be a headache. So, we put our thinking caps on and designed a super-duper easy team entry solution! No more confusion or hassle. Teams could enter smoothly, and we made sure all the important health and safety details were taken care of. Safety first, always!

A Smooth Ride for Team Entries, Safety, and Payments

It was such a joy to see how our team entry solution worked like a charm! Organizers could breathe easy knowing that everything was in order. We handled the team entries like pros, managing all the important info with a few clicks. And when it came to payments, we made sure it was as smooth as gliding down a hill on a pedal car!


Being part of Find Digital and contributing to the British Pedal Car Grand Prix was a blast! We had a fantastic time putting our digital skills to work for such a worthy cause. Creating the website, spreading excitement on social media, and making team entries a breeze – it all came from the heart.

We’re just a bunch of tech enthusiasts with big hearts, and knowing that our efforts made the Grand Prix even more awesome fills us with immense joy. We’ll keep doing what we do best – using our digital magic to make the world a better place, one event at a time!

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