Giving Wareham’s oldest skip company a digital facelift

In today’s digital age, having an attractive and user-friendly website is crucial for any business to thrive. It serves as the virtual storefront, leaving a lasting impression on potential clients. Wareham & Purbeck Skip Hire, a well-established waste management company based in Dorset, recognised the importance of keeping up with the times and approached us to overhaul their outdated website. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the journey of transforming their online presence, revamping it with a new modern design that brought them right into the 21st century.

The Challenge: An Outdated Web Presence

Wareham & Purbeck Skip Hire had been serving the local community for decades, but their website didn’t reflect the company’s commitment to quality and efficiency. The website’s design was outdated, featuring cluttered layouts, an unappealing dark color scheme, and an unintuitive user experience with 404 pages and broken images scattered across the site. It failed to engage visitors effectively and often resulted in missed business opportunities. Recognising the need for change, they chose our website design team with the task of giving their website a fresh look.

Understanding the Client’s Vision

Before diving into the design process, we conducted thorough discussions with Wareham & Purbeck Skip Hire to understand their core values, business objectives, and vision for the revamped website. We analyzed their target audience and identified the key features they wanted to incorporate, such as simplified navigation, clear service descriptions, and a responsive layout accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.

Conceptualizing the Modern Design

With a deep understanding of the client’s aspirations, we set out to conceptualize a modern and visually captivating design that would showcase their services and streamline user experience. We opted for a clean and minimalist aesthetic, focusing on a contemporary color palette that resonated with the company’s eco-friendly ethos.

The website’s navigation was streamlined to ensure visitors could easily find the information they needed. We introduced an intuitive search function, allowing users to quickly locate the right skip size for their specific needs. Additionally, we integrated a user-friendly booking system, enabling customers to schedule skip hires with just a few clicks.

Showcasing Services and Sustainability

To showcase Wareham & Purbeck Skip Hire’s range of services effectively, we designed dedicated pages for each service they offered, including RoRo hire, Skip hire and Recycling. These pages featured engaging content, high-quality images, and customer testimonials, conveying the company’s expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Considering the company’s commitment to sustainability, we created a dedicated section emphasizing their efforts in eco-friendly waste disposal and recycling practices. This not only highlighted their responsible approach but also appealed to environmentally conscious clients seeking greener waste management solutions.

Optimization for Mobile Users

Understanding the prevalence of mobile browsing, we ensured the website was fully optimized for smartphones and tablets. This involved creating a responsive design that adapted seamlessly to different screen sizes, maintaining a consistent and enjoyable user experience regardless of the device used.

Result: A Digital Facelift

The revamped website of Wareham & Purbeck Skip Hire successfully delivered on their vision of a modern digital presence. With its sleek and intuitive design, the website now captivated visitors from the moment they landed on the homepage. The simplified navigation made it easy for potential customers to explore services and place bookings effortlessly. Additionally, the integration of customer testimonials and sustainability efforts helped build trust and rapport with the audience.


The transformation of Wareham & Purbeck Skip Hire’s website was not just about aesthetics but also about providing a user-friendly and engaging experience for visitors. By collaborating closely with the client and understanding their unique identity, we were able to craft a modern website that aligned seamlessly with their vision and values. The new website became an invaluable tool in boosting their online presence, attracting new customers, and solidifying their position as a reliable waste management provider in the 21st century.

At our digital agency, we take immense pride in our ability to create innovative and tailored solutions for our clients. If your business is in need of a digital facelift, contact us today to see how we can transform your online presence and drive success in the digital era. Together, we can bring your brand into the modern age and ensure your business flourishes in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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